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6 Inspiring Volunteer Appreciation Week
Gifts, Ideas & Activities

published: March 9, 2020
Boss and co-workers showing appreciation to employee

When is Volunteer Appreciation Week?

National Volunteer Week, also referred to as Volunteer Appreciation Week, was first created in 1974 to promote and inspire volunteer projects and volunteerism around the country. Volunteer Appreciation Week 2020 will take place in the U.S. from April 19-25, 2020. Volunteer Week has expanded to become National Volunteer Month, a month-long celebration that takes place every April. Additionally, there is a special day designated each April as well- Volunteer Recognition Day, also called Volunteer Appreciation Day, which will take place this year on April 20, 2020.

Who Should Celebrate National Volunteer Week?

  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Animal Shelters
  • Churches
  • Any group looking to thank volunteers and inspire new ones to take action!

Now that we’ve established that April is the perfect time to recognize the valuable contributions that volunteers make throughout the year, thank your team for all that they do with one or more of the volunteer appreciation activities and gift ideas listed below.

Volunteer Appreciation Ideas

  1. Host a Party

    Invite your team of volunteers to a party where each person’s contribution is recognized.  Hand out drawstring “swag” bags filled with small appreciation gifts such as sunglasses printed with your organization’s logo and sweet treats.

  2. Plan a Luncheon

    Cater a special luncheon for volunteers to show them how much they are appreciated. Give each volunteer a commemorative t-shirt ahead of time that they can wear to the event. Don’t forget to take a group photo! Hand out a thoughtful giveaway such as customized water bottles with a thank-you message or your organization’s logo printed on each one.

  3. Hold an Award Ceremony

    Host a dinner party or other award ceremony to recognize the outstanding efforts of your volunteers. Hand out printed certificates, awards, and other thank-you gifts, such as a personalized pint glass set or custom Bluetooth® speaker.

  4. Send a Thank-You Card

    Whether you send an e-card or send one through snail mail, a personalized thank-you message can go a long way. A thank-you card magnet can serve as a long-lasting way to show your appreciation. If you plan to send a greeting card through the mail, consider including a gift card or other small token of appreciation.

    Thank You Words Plus™ Business Card
  5. Harness the Power of Social Media

    Social media posts which thank volunteers and highlight their projects and efforts are a great way to recognize your volunteer team and also serve as a great recruitment tool to encourage others to participate in your cause. Post pics of volunteers a in action as well as at your appreciation events with this fun selfie frame.

  6. Volunteer Appreciation Gifts

    Still looking for more ways to make your volunteers feel recognized and valued? Here are a few more thoughtful gift ideas that your volunteers are sure to enjoy every time they use them:

Thanking volunteers isn’t limited to April. International Volunteer Day, recognized by the United Nations, takes place in December and Random Acts of Kindness Week is celebrated during the week of February 17th each year.

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