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Back to the Office — How to Create Healthy, Safe Workplaces

published: August 27, 2020 |  updated: May 25, 2021
Safe and Healthy Workspace

Across the country, businesses of all sizes are reopening after the severe COVID shutdowns. It's economically important that offices reopen and stay open, so creating a safe and healthy workplace is essential. From sanitizers to antimicrobial lanyards and lunch containers, Bank Express has a wide variety of promotional products to help your workplace reopen safely.

In this article, we'll review a broad sampling of these products. Not only will these items help you create a safer workplace, they will also broadcast the powerful brand message that your business is committed to health and wellness. All positive brand messages have value, but in this time of increased awareness and focus on reducing the spread of germs, health and wellness has a greater impact than ever before on a company's ability to retain and engage employees, satisfy customers and attract new customers. Bank Express is proud to be able to help!

Promotional Products for Office Re-Openings

Face Masks for Staff and Visitors

Our selection of logo face masks is enormous. Two of the most popular items are the comfortable cotton Reusable Face Mask, and the equally comfortable Reusable Stretch Face Mask, which provides an optimal snug fit.

For an additional impact, consider face mask accessories such as the Ear Saver and Mask Buddy Pro, designed to provide comfort for extended-period mask wearing. To keep masks handy when not being worn, the lanyard-like Mask Keeper and Mask Keeper Pro are the perfect fit. All these logo accessories are terrific examples of how small, simple giveaways can make a big impression.

Social Distancing and Directional Floor Mats and Decals

Helping to keep people separated and moving in the right direction is important for health and wellness, but it also makes employees and visitors feel comfortable and engaged rather than worried about doing the wrong thing. Popular items that serve the purpose well: Indoor Surface Grip Circles (for social distancing) and Stay Safe Floor Decals (for traffic flow).

Counter Shields

Counter shields and sneeze guards are quite useful in counter sales and reception areas, in cafeterias, at or between desks, and in other places around the office where people come in close contact. Counter shields are unobtrusive and facilitate easy communication, and many items can display your logo and a safety message. The versatile Protective Barrier Kit and Clear Acrylic and Wood Table Top Sneeze Guard are popular items with designs simple and sophisticated enough for any office space.

Hand Sanitizer

We have many varieties of individual, mini hand sanitizers for desks and travel, as well as a deluxe Sanitizer Station for central use, with a spacious imprint area for your logo and health message.

UV Sterilizing Wands

Here's a product nobody knew about less than a year ago, and now one that every office worker won't want to be without! Our UV sanitizers and UV Light Sterilizer is an easy way to kill germs on chargers, computers, computer peripherals, phones, copy machines, and other “high-touch” office surfaces.

Laptop Bags, Backpacks and Padfolios for Partial Work from Home

Many companies have discovered through the COVID quarantines that business can be conducted efficiently when workers split time between home and office. Not only that, but employees love the flexibility of working from home, because it's convenient, helps them balance work-life scheduling, and makes for a less crowded and safer office. We have many promotional items that make home-office work easy — For starters, take a look at our Deluxe Computer Backpack, the hardy Tranzip 15" Laptop Backpack, the lightweight Laptop Bag, the Exec Brief-Padfolio to keep organized from multiple locations, and the versatile Urban Deluxe Padfolio that's so efficient it practically organizes itself.

Pro promotional tip: Think about bundling. We've got a nearly limitless variety of custom printed office supplies such as pens, calculators, sticky notepads, that make excellent surprise fillers for your backpack or bag. 

Antimicrobial Pens & Stylus Pens

Like sterilizing wands, antimicrobial pens and stylus pens were nearly unheard of in the recent past, and now serve an important purpose for reducing exposure to germs and facilitating low-touch and no-touch document signing, whether on paper or on screens. In addition to these logo items, high-quality traditional pens — perhaps personalized with each employee's name — make for a memorable return-to-the-office gift, and one they will not be likely to share and thereby spread germs!


Two popular office items for temperature checking are the logo Reusable Forehead Thermometer and the Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer. The forehead strips are handy for self-monitoring, and the infrared thermometer delivers highly accurate readings for checking employees and guests as they arrive.

Hand Washing Tips and COVID Info Magnets & Brochures

Education plays a major role in creating and sustaining a safe workplace. Every back-to-the-office strategy can make use of our logo educational materials, such as “Stop the spread” information magnets, hand washing tips magnets, “Stop the spread” information door hangers, and the Germ Stopper Pamphlet. All of these logo items serve as gentle reminders and continuously associate your brand with health and wellness.

No Touch Tools

Every employee should have a touchless key chain or a Kooty Key, a pocket-size, antimicrobial hook that can be used for opening doors, opening cafeteria microwaves, turning faucets and light switches off and on,  and dealing with other surfaces that easily get dirty. The versatile Touchtool is a logo item for the same purpose, but fits on a keychain and great for travel. The No Contact Keychain, also printable, is a keychain and touch tool all in one — an excellent giveaway for employees, visitors and customers.

Antimicrobial Mouse Pads and Tech Accessories

An office wouldn't be an office without mousepads, which makes a round antimicrobial mousepad or a rectangular antimicrobial mousepad an ideal welcome-back gift for every desktop. These mousepads have large imprint areas for branding along with a health and wellness message. There are also many other antimicrobial tech gifts that are perfect for employees to keep at their desk, such as the Probuff™Gift Set to keep screens clean or The Wedge™ Phone Stand.

Antimicrobial Badge Reels and Lanyards

For interoffice meetings, employee identification and guest identification, antimicrobial lanyards and antimicrobial badge reels are an inexpensive but effective way to upgrade safety in the workplace!

Lunch Kits and Lunch Totes

Even lunch totes and untensil kits can play a role in making a safe workplace. Items like our Designer Lunch Bag, Prep & Chill Lunch Cooler, and Heathered Non-Woven Lunch Bag have one thing in common: They are easy to clean. They also come in handy when the break room is at limited compacity or community utensils are no longer available.

Water Bottles

Similar to lunch containers, custom water bottles are a great way to ensure each employee has their own personal bottle to drink from.

Welcome Back Gifts for Employees

Welcome employees back to the office with a corporate gift like a coffee tumbler or planter to show your staff how excited you are to have them back as well as to show your appreciation for their continued hard work. As many office dress codes become more relaxed, employees would be delighted to receive casual wear like the Taza Knit Quarter Zip imprinted with your company logo.

Need Help?

If you're still searching for the perfect back-to-the-office promotional item, or looking for additional items to round out your workplace safety plan, please contact us now. We have lots of options to promote safety and other office items that will help keep everyone confident and motivated.

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