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Promotional Products for Schools – Your Logo’s Academic Year

published: June 11, 2019  |  updated: May 11, 2020
Promotional Products for School

Spread school spirit year-round with custom promotional products. This article outlines how your school can make the most out of logo imprinted items from new student orientation all the way up to graduation. Read through the entire year, or skip to the topic you’re most interested in:

August – New Student Orientation

Check-In Tables

Help students and their parents know where to go by covering check-in tables with custom table throws and using great signage to direct orientation attendees to important information points on campus. Table throws and runners help to give table setups across campus a uniform and presentable look. Folders and pens make nice giveaway items to put at check-in locations. Students are given a lot of valuable information on orientation day and having a place to jot it down is key.

Table cover for college admissions

Campus Tours

Campus tours are a staple of every school’s recruitment efforts, especially at colleges and private schools. Getting a peek at the various departments of study and campus resources is essential to helping students get a feel for the school. Before kicking off your tour, give each prospective student a lanyard with the school’s name on it. They can use this during the tour to display a name badge, but they can also use it throughout their time at school to carry their campus ID card, keys and other necessary cards. If long sections of the campus tour take place outdoors, a fun giveaway like a cap or a pair of sunglasses will not only serve a useful purpose, but it will also be appreciated and remembered by students.

Blue ID holder
Blue koozie

Student Organizations

One of the most fun parts of school for students is the opportunity to join a student organization or club. These and other activities allow students to try new things by diving into a group they are passionate about such as student government or the school newspaper. Organizations can capture the attention of new students by customizing giveaways to hand out at involvement fairs or recruitment meetings. Drinkware, pens, and other fun items are perfect for student organizations to share their message on!

Lunch and Outdoor Activities

If your orientation activities include time for guests to enjoy food or time outdoors, this is the perfect time for new students and their families to engage with faculty, staff, and other visitors at your school. Give out customized water bottles and food accessories for guests to take home and remember the event by. Also, fun outdoor activities like frisbees and beach balls provide hours of fun for all ages.

Green Frisbee

September - Back to School

Back to school planning

Elementary School

- Young students are the perfect audience for our cute Paws n’ Claws drawstring backpacks and lunch bags, which are both available in a variety of animal designs. Match the style of these bags to your school’s mascot or favorite classroom pet to help young students feel comfortable in a new classroom environment.

- Try gifting students a custom, reusable lunch bag with a classic brown paper bag look. Provide students with a box of crayons and have them each design their own bag. Then, call a group circle and ask students to present their masterpieces to the class for a fun first-day show-and-tell.

- Of course, what elementary school students need more than anything are school supplies. Our On The Go School Kit and other academic supplies are perfect for young students to have at the beginning of the school year before they get all the school supplies they need.

Bear backpack
Kraft paper lunch bag
Red and white pencil pouch with ruler, eraser, sharpener, and pencils

Middle School

- Make the transition from elementary school to middle school a little smoother with a scavenger hunt to get students acclimated to a new layout and environment. At the beginning of the day, break students up into teams designated by different colored T-shirts.

- Have each team follow clues to various stations around the building, collecting useful materials like custom water bottles and handy sanitizer/lip balm combos at each stop. For the last clue, direct all teams to the lunchroom for a get-to-know-you pizza party!

- Another clever idea is to have school nurses and counselors keep hot/cold packs in their offices to give away to students in physical or emotional pain. These work great as warm compresses, ice packs, or even as stress relievers.

Bright blue youth t-shirt
Gray durable water bottle
Green hot cold pack

High School

- Academic planners are an essential item for busy high schoolers to have. Between school assignments, after-school activities, and chores, students will be grateful that you gave them a way to manage it all.

- If your school has lockers, help students decorate them. Customized locker mirrors, magnetic chalkboards, and clips are a great start to helping high schoolers personalize their storage space.

- Tech accessories are a hot item right now, especially for young people. Imprint your school’s name and mascot onto a Popsocket® or tech pocket for a school spirit giveaway that students will use with pride.

Maroon academic planner
Blue locker mirror
Black popsockets


- One of the most popular items in college bookstores right now are hoodies and knit hats customized with their school’s name or mascot. Not only is warm apparel handy to have for the fall and upcoming winter months, but students will love being able to represent your school in style.

- For busy college students, it is all too common for things like phone chargers and printed assignments to be forgotten at home. Help even your most forgetful students by providing charging stations and USB drives around campus. Better yet, include chargers, USBs, or other tech items as giveaways in your back-to-school festivities.

- Warm beverages, especially coffee, are a mandatory part of the day for many college students. Welcome students back to school by setting up a table in the main building on campus where they can get free coffee, hot cocoa, or water. Give every student that stops by a reusable coffee cup that they can take to class every morning.

Blue and white top pom beanie
Light blue chareging cable bracelet
Blue and white reusable coffee mug

October – On-Campus Organization Activities

October is an especially busy time of year for many schools. Football season is in full swing, student organizations are still seeking recruits, Halloween is just around the corner, and chances are you are just about to hold your homecoming festivities. In this section, we outline some of the best products for student activities and how they can be used effectively. For football specific giveaways, please see November & December.


Apparel items such as T-shirts, polos, and hoodies are a perfect way to welcome new members to student organizations. Custom imprinted apparel gives organizations a uniform look that stands out when they attend events so that they are regularly spreading awareness for the organization. It is also useful for club fundraisers. Since apparel is long-lasting and can be used by anyone, selling these items to fundraiser for an organization or on behalf of something the organization supports can be a lucrative idea.

Athletic yellow t-shirt


A great way to spread the word and get people involved in an organization is to host a weekly tea or coffee chat using custom mugs. For example, the student diversity centers at the University of Southern Maine hold weekly “Chai Chats” where students can go drink tea, mingle with other students, and sometimes hear guest speakers or participate in an activity. These chats offer a great opportunity for community engagement and often start important conversations.

White and green coffee mug

Other Fun Giveaways

Smaller giveaways such as awareness wristlets, tech pockets, and sunglasses are affordable giveaways that work well for sharing information about various different organizations at community events. Students love fun items like these, especially when they are unique and useful. Find more small giveaways for campus events, activities, and games in our giveaways section.

Red and white light up safety wristlet

Stickers & Buttons

Stickers, buttons, pins and ribbons are easy and affordable items that can get an organization recognized at your school. Having students hand out stickers and buttons around campus or at events can help them recruit more members for the organization. It is also a fun way for current members to show that they are a part of the group.

Red and white school spirit sticker

Halloween Giveaways

If your school, or a club at your school, celebrates Halloween in some way, try some of our Halloween giveaways and candy. Celebrating Halloween is a great way for your school to get out into the community and have fun both during and after the school day.

Halloween treat bags

Homecoming Party Supplies

Whether your homecoming festivities happen in September or October, we have all the supplies to make it happen. Aside from our great assortment of football themed giveaways, we also offer a variety of fun party supplies that is sure to fit into any dance or other homecoming celebration.

Custom balloons

November & December - School Spirit on and off the Football Field

School spirit giveaways

At this point in the year, the football season is reaching its peak, and everyone is eager to support your school’s team. Give fans more to get excited about with these fun football and school spirit-themed giveaways.

School Spirit Giveaways

There are few things that school sports fans love more than being able to support their favorite team. Help fans cheer on your school’s team with some crowd favorite school spirit items like pennants, noise makers, temporary tattoos, face paint, decals, and much more. All these items are perfect for bringing to the game, handing out at pep rallies, or using to cheer on your team from home.

Blue and white pennant

Keeping Warm and Comfy in the Stands

In many places, this time of year is when it starts to get chilly outside. Having to sit on uncomfortable bleachers on top of that can make for a less-than-pleasant experience for many fans. Make game time more enjoyable for sports supporters at your school by selling or providing them with staple items like beanies, gloves, mittens, and scarves in school colors, stadium seats and cushions, blankets, umbrellas, and ponchos. These items will be popular, especially on cold, rainy game days.

Black and gold fleece mittens with school logo

Game Day Parties

Throwing parties for the team and fans is a common occurrence within school communities. Some high school and college football fans will even host their own parties at home. Now, you can help to plan your own sporty celebration. Customize plates, napkins and silverware for the delicious munchies you’re sure to have. Coolers for cans of soda and bottles of water are an essential for any party. Stadium cups make the perfect keepsake items for any sport fan. And of course, party supplies and other spirit items are also appropriate here.

Black and forest green lunch cooler with school logo


Tailgating is not just reserved for NFL games; it is an activity that is popular among high school and college fans too. Encourage safety among fans that choose to tailgate by providing or selling popular tailgating items. Trunk organizer coolers are the perfect solution for keeping food and beverages cold and safe in the trunks of any tailgater. Bluetooth speakers are great for playing music or listening to game commentary. The Trio Blanket Bag is perfect for gift for loyal tailgaters as it is a blanket, carrying bag, and seat cushion all in one. Finally, custom tumblers and water bottles help fans to keep their drinks cool or warm. Use our tumbler and water bottle buyers guides to find the right drinkware for fans at your school.

Black and blue blanket bag with school logo

January & February – Deck Out the Dorm

With the December holidays behind you and the weather becoming increasingly dreary, many students are not thrilled to be going back to school. Help primary, secondary, and college students all relieve their winter blues with practical and decorative items that are sure to make their lives a bit easier.

Packing up car to move to college

- Lanyards are a very important item for students to keep on hand. They are a great, simple, and inexpensive way to secure keys, IDs, and other valuables. Choose from a variety of features to create the perfect lanyard and consider the Stylin’ Swivel Lanyard and Translucent ID Pouch, great items to start with that, when combined, will easily hold a student ID and keys. Also, include the Personal Safety Keychain Alarm to maintain student safety even while walking alone on campus.

Royal blue lanyard with school logo and detachable ring

- Flip Flops and Fresh Laundry Sacks are two more important items, especially for college students living on campus. Flip flops will protect feet from germs while the laundry bag makes it simple to transport a load of laundry to the washer. The flip flops include a poly drawstring bag for compact storage and the laundry sack can fit into a closet or under a bed as it gets re-filled.

Royal blue and white mesh laundry bag with school logo

- Having extra lounging items can also be beneficial, but it’s difficult for students to keep large chairs and other extra furniture in an already cramped room. Luckily, The Lazy Lounger is an easy solution. This inflatable lounger and makeshift mattress is perfect for using as a guest bed, bringing to a friend’s dorm, or just relaxing. It collapses into a drawstring bag, making it portable and easy to store. Also, add a Carry Along Fleece Blanket for a set that students will enjoy for added comfort and convenience.

Tiger mascot stuffed animal with purple t-shirt

- Naturally, many students want to personalize their rooms. Bank Express makes it effortless to coordinate many dorm essentials such as keychains, lunch bags, and accessory pouches with our sparkle and velvet collections. We also offer desk caddies that come in a variety of great colors and have a large imprint area for your school’s or club’s name. Finally, students will love being able to add a bookstore staple to their rooms with plush mascots that come in a wide array of animal variations and can be customized with your school logo. Don’t see your mascot? Check out our other cute plushies.

March & April – Stay Focused

As the school year winds down, students often become stressed over finals and other big assignments. Help students of all grade levels stay organized and stress less during this busy time of year with one or more of these ideas:

Students studying at college quad

Encourage a Clean Workspace

Disorganized students tend to have messy desks and backpacks, which can help contribute to lost assignments and missed deadlines as well as distractions during class time. Encourage students to set time aside each week to neaten up their workspace. This way, messier students will have a designated time to sort through their papers and supplies without feeling singled out. Help students decide which papers to keep or discard and provide storage options such as a keeper caddy or clear mason jar, both of which can be customized with your schools logo and classroom number for safe keeping. You could also provide a custom backpack that students are encouraged to keep organized using folders and padfolios.

Burgundy glossy folder

Use Memory Aides

Disorganized students tend to need more prompting than their classmates, but this can be a challenge for teachers tasked with monitoring a full classroom. Use aides such as notebooks, timers, and sticky notes to help students who are easily distracted stay on target with classroom work. Using timers easily visible can help students stay conscious of time while also making transitions throughout the day more efficient and manageable. To help keep the day’s assignments top-of-mind, instruct students to write individual tasks on custom sticky notes and attach them to their desks or notebooks. As they complete a task, they can discard the note, emphasizing a sense of accomplishment without the need for constant supervision. Finally, reinforce lessons by having students keep a notebook where they can journal each evening about what they learned in class that day. This is a great way to supplement class time and traditional note taking while also allowing students to think for themselves about the information they learn.

White spiral bound notebook with pencil pouch

Color-Code Everything

Another great memory device is color-coding a disorganized student’s items—everything from folders to labels to pens. Organizing by color can trigger the creative side of a person’s brain, and when colors are used to distinguish different subjects or types of work (in class, take home, etc.), students are better able to separate and recall specific tasks or notes. Rally your school around the idea of designating specific colors for different subject areas so that students learn to associate those colors with the subjects. (Bank Express has a large range of school products that can be ordered in a variety of colors and customized with your school’s logo or mascot)!

Gel wax highlighter set

Plan Ahead

A big part of keeping disorganized students on track is pre-planning assignments and classroom work so they know in advance what they’ll need to focus on. Maintain a classroom calendar using sticky notes and have students write down assignments in their student planners at the beginning of each month. This will ensure that all students have record of what needs to get done each week.

Gray notebook with sticky tags and sticky notes

Lessen the Stress

Regardless of how organized a student is, they are almost guaranteed to experience stress at some point during the school year. Help them alleviate some of this pressure by giving out customized stress relievers and other items they can fidget with when they get tense or antsy during a lesson or while doing homework. Making sure students are calm will increase productivity and the quality of their work.

Orange emoticon stress reliever

May – Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week takes place in the U.S. during the first full week of May. Teacher’s Day is the Tuesday within the week. Celebrate a teacher you know on Teacher’s Day and throughout the week by thanking them for the tremendously hard work they do each day.

Teacher appreciation gift ideas

Gift Cards

Put a gift card inside a Silicone Tech Pocket that can be imprinted with the name of your school or an inspirational message. While the gift card can only be used once, the tech pocket can be used again and again.

Red silicone phone accessories pocket

Tote Bags

Customized tote bags are both thoughtful and useful, especially when carrying books, notebooks or classroom supplies to and from school. Adding the name and logo of your school or mascot is a great way to show school pride as well as recognition for your staff.

Canvas tote with red accents

Reusable Lunch Bags

Reusable lunch bags are a necessity when packing lunches and snacks for the workday. Add your school’s logo to a brightly colored lunch bag that will come in handy every day of the week.

Red and black lunch cooler with school logo

Travel Mugs

As almost anyone who has worked with children or youth of any age can tell you, caffeinated beverages are an integral part of the workday routine. A customized travel mug can be used both at home and in the classroom and refilled throughout the day with coffee, tea or water. Add a gift card to a drive-through coffee shop for a special touch.

Red and black travel mug

Notebooks and Journals

Another great appreciation gift idea for teachers and staff is a customized notebook or journal. We offer soft and hardcover journals as well as notebooks made of eco-friendly materials. Engraved journal and notebook sets are also available with pen or stylus pen combos.

Red notepad with elastic closure and built in bookmark

June – Graduation

There are graduates of all ages: preschool, middle school, high school and college, and all these students deserve recognition for all their hard work and dedication. Parents, teachers and the graduates themselves love celebrating big milestones, and there are certain promotional products that fit the occasion perfectly. Here are some of the best things you can get to ensure your school community has a great graduation season:

Graduation gifts and giveaways

Custom Imprinted Blankets

The Collegiate Sweatshirt Blanket is the kind of gift that will be treasured for years to come. With a low minimum order required, this item is great for small graduating classes and can be customized with a school’s name and the signatures of the graduates.

Graduation Cap Stress Balls

These charming stress relievers are in the shape of a graduation cap and, at a terrific price point, they make for an affordable (and very likable) giveaway for preschools all the way up to college graduations.

Black graduation cap stress reliever

Graduation Cap Shaped Fans

Another great giveaway item at an affordable price point, graduation fans are ideal to give out to graduates and family members as a memento. They are also practical in the warmer months of May and June!

Black graduation cap hand fan

Customized Picture Frames

If you are having a community graduation party, a customized frame with the school name and a picture of the graduates makes a lovely keepsake for anyone in attendance.

Black picture frame with school logo for graduation gift

Fun Graduation Pens

Go with a giveaway that’s a proven hit. These pens are a graduation-themed spin on smiley novelty pens. Graduates and their families are sure to love these fun and affordable gifts.

Smiley face pen with graduation cap

July – Start Recruiting Next Year’s Class

While accepted students’ days have come and gone, and most students have made their decisions on which school to go to already, the summer months are when final choices are being made. Prospective students are touring, and incoming high school seniors are trying to decide where they might apply. Regardless of the time of year, student and staff recruitment should always be a top priority of any school.

The Swag Bag

Use education promotional products to create swag bags that will keep your school in the minds of any attendees at your recruitment events. The “swag” bag is an essential component of any school recruitment effort. The first step to creating a memorable goodie bag is, of course, the bag itself. Many schools go for a drawstring bag that is easy for anyone to transport around campus. However, if you’re looking to stand out, why not try a traditional backpack, handy tote, useful messenger, or standout duffle? Any of these would make great starting points for the perfect swag bag giveaway.

Choose flat items such as magnets, to add to prospective student mailings. Also, don’t forget to set up your tables nicely to look presentable to all your prospective students!

3 piece kit with orange bag, orange water bottle, and white and orange sunglasses


Promotional writing instruments are an essential item to include in any school recruitment giveaway package. They generate numerous impressions for your school’s name and will be used often. Browse our large selection of custom promotional pens and read more about how writing instruments can help educational institutions and other industries in the article The Power of Promotional Writing Instruments – Branding with Pens.

Gray metallic pen with black accents and school logo

Water Bottles

Water bottles with your school’s name and logo on them are a giveaway item that any recipient will appreciate. Try our 16 oz Vigo Stainless Insulated Bottle for a quality, stylish product that can easily catch anyone’s eye.

Stainless steel water bottle with school logo

Reusable Straws

An increasingly popular giveaway item, especially among environmentally-conscious young people, are reusable straws. These trendy drinkware items come in many different materials including stainless steel, silicone, and plastic. There are also eco-friendly disposable paper straws available. Try one of these options for an unconventional gift that your guests will never see coming. Learn more about reusable straws in the article Show You Care with Custom Reusable Straws.

Of course, any promotional product would look great with your school’s logo. Browse our website or contact one of our friendly sales reps today to discuss how you can make every event throughout the year a success!

Looking for more ways to promote your school, nonprofit or business throughout the year? Check out our promotional events calendar for special days and other ideas to help you plan a meaningful promotion.

Resuable straws with carrying case