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This Week’s Top Promotional Products Trend:
No Touch Tools – July 2020

published: July 21, 2020  |  updated: August 18, 2020
Promotional Product Trends No Touch Tools

If you are on social media, you have certainly swiped past, or maybe stopped on, sponsored posts for No Touch Tools. In recent weeks, these tools have become one of the hottest products on the market, experiencing a major rise in popularity as people seek out new ways to keep germs at bay. According to Etsy, between March 1st and April 25th, the site saw a 5,217% year-over-year increase in searches for "door openers".

The primary advertised benefit of touch tools is that they can enable you to do the things you've always done without the fear you now have of picking up germs. The No Touch Tool allows you to operate some of the most contaminated surfaces we touch every day, including door handles, faucets, toilet handles, ATMs, cell phones, keypads, and elevator buttons.

No Touch Tools Infographic

If you did a Google search for “no touch tools”, you could quickly become overwhelmed by the options. To help cut through some of the noise and help you understand these tools better, we've broken down the central elements.


  • Hook: There are two key features of No Touch Tools. The first is the hook. Think of the hook as an extension of the user's hands. The hook gives users a no-contact way to open doors, turn on faucets, lift open toilet seats and trash cans, and carry bags.
  • Tip: The second key feature is the tip. If the hook is an extension of the user's hand, the tip is an extension of their fingers. The tip feature is designed for pushing buttons. Whether at an ATM, keypads, or elevators, the tip keeps fingers off surfaces that many others have touched.


  • Brass and Copper: These metals are inherently antimicrobial. Brass is made up of charged particles that start killing germs, viruses, and bacteria upon contact. Additionally, brass is an excellent option for those looking for a sleek and stylish choice. Check out our No Contact Brass Keychain.
  • Plastic: This material makes for a lighter product. That said, lighter doesn't necessarily mean weaker. The Kooty Key Anti Germ Utility Tool is made of hardened plastic and can open doors up to 35lbs. Additionally, the Kooty Key is made of plastic that has had antimicrobial properties added to it during the manufacturing process. 
  • Wood: While not nearly as popular as its metal and plastic counterparts, there are wooden no-touch tools on the market. Wood is the best option for users looking for an eco-friendly, sustainable alternative.


  • Stylus Tips: The tips on some of these tools double as a stylus. This means they can work directly with touchscreens.
  • Bottle Openers: Pop open your favorite beverage with your No Touch Tool. Many of the products available also tout the ability to open bottles. Our No Contact Brass Keychain offers this convenient extra.
  • Keychains and Carabiners: Many of these tools, including the Kooty Key, come with hardware that makes it easy for them to attach directly to a set of keys, backpack, or purse.
  • Imprinting: Most of Bank Express' No Touch Tools, including the No Contact Brass Keychain, Nylon No Contact Keychain, and Touchtool can be imprinted to showcase your company’s logo. As these products continue to grow in popularity, they are quickly becoming the perfect promotional product. There is evidence that they are sought after and will be used, and for you, that means that they will be seen.