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Spread Joy Not Germs: Antimicrobial Products for the New Normal

published: April 28, 2020
People sharing a pen

In just a few weeks, the coronavirus (COVID-19) became a global pandemic and changed our lives in fundamental ways. Eventually, normality will return – a new normal. After the coronavirus runs its course, it is likely to leave lasting effects our on behaviors, how we live and the products we purchase. The focus will remain on reducing the transmission of germs and staying healthy. We have outlined the latest trends and top products to help keep you, your employees, and your customers healthy. Read on or jump ahead to the section that interests you the most:

Antimicrobial Products

Antimicrobial products inhibit the growth of bacteria, germs, odors, mold, and more. Products made with antimicrobial material are becoming increasingly popular and are a way for you to show your employees and customers that you care about their health and safety.

  • Lanyards
    Does your organization require employees to wear badges and lanyards when in the office? Now is a great time to provide employees Antimicrobial Breakaway Lanyards which are made of antimicrobial material. Also, be sure to consider antimicrobial lanyards when planning for your next tradeshow or event.

    antimicrobial lanyard with breakaway closure
  • Office & Tech
    For anyone who does computer work, mouse pads like the Recycled Mouse Mat® or the Round Antimicrobial Mouse Pad are must-haves. Screen cleaners with antimicrobial properties like the Galaxy Screen Cleaning Cloth are also a practical and inexpensive giveaway. With cell phones being one of the dirtiest objects we come into contact with each day, it’s important to clean them often. The Probuff™ Gift Set includes an antimicrobial cleaning cloth and cleaning solution spray to keep those devices clean.

    antimicrobial mouse pad
  • Pens
    With writing instruments often getting used by many people, antimicrobial pens are a great solution to limit the spread of germs. One of our favorites is the IPROTECT® Antibacterial Pen which has additive applied in the production cycle that guarantees 99.9% protection against bacteria. The best-selling BIC® Clic Stic is also now available in a style that has antimicrobial additive molded directly into the pen’s plastic.

    antibacterial bic pen
  • Kooty Key
    The Kooty Key Anti-Germ Utility Tool is a lightweight gadget with features that will save you from touching dirty, high-contact surfaces. It has a reinforced Nylon hook designed for opening door handles of doors up to 35 pounds. The rubberized tip is designed for typing on keypads of all kinds. It also includes a carabiner and is made in the USA. To top it all off, it is made of antimicrobial, hardened plastic.

    anti-germ utility tool

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Personalized Items

Not only is personalizing promotional products a classy personal touch, it also prevents people from using the same items and transmitting germs. Next time you buy promotional products, consider the promo items below which allow for the option to add the recipient’s name or initials for an additional charge. For personalization, all we will need from you is your logo or message along with an electronic file like Excel or Microsoft Word with the list of names you would like on each item.

  • Drinkware
    Adding your clients, customers, or employees name to the best-selling 20 oz Himalayan Tumbler helps everyone avoid accidentally sharing germs by drinking from the wrong tumbler. The Himalayan Tumbler is also available to come packaged in a customizable gift box.

    customized insulated travel mug
  • Pens
    Pens are another popular item to personalize. We recommend metal pens like the Maestro Pen and the Luxe Metal Pen. Or, the Dean Torch Pen features a bright LED light that’s activated with a double click. Light-up pens particularly make great gifts for medical professionals or any night-shift worker.

    personalized metal pen
  • Bags
    With everyone at an event or office with the same bag, it can be easy to get them mixed up. The Cityside Laptop Backpack is stylish backpack that allows for personalization. Or, check out the Basecamp® Highland Peak Cooler where you can add personalization to the dog tag.

    basecamp cooler bag

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Stylus Pens

Stylus pens are one of the most popular and effective promotional items, and now they’ve also become a tool to protect against germs. Surfaces that hundreds to thousands of people touch each day like ATM screens or checkout keypads seem more suspect than ever before. That’s why people have started to carry stylus pens on them to prevent having to touch common surfaces with their fingertips. The Impulse Stylus Pen has a comfortable curved design and comes in metallic colors, making it a customer favorite. Another popular option is the Easy Writer Stylus Pen. If you’re looking for something fun, check out the MopTopper™ Stylus Pen which features microfiber hair that works as a screen cleaner.

sleek stylus pen

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Washable Tote Bags

To reduce plastic waste, more and more people have begun using reusable grocery bags and totes over the years. In some states, plastic bags are banned. With health precautions on high during the coronavirus pandemic, the question has come up as to whether people are cleaning their reusable bags or not. A great solution is our washable kraft paper bag line. They come in many different sizes, are durable enough to use again and again and they’re earth friendly.

washable kraft paper bag

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Health and Wellness Items

Even more than before, there will be a focus on health and wellness. Of course, hand sanitizers, face masks and PPE will remain popular. Beyond the most common practices such as hand washing and social distancing, one of the best defenses against any illness or virus is a maintaining a healthy lifestyle and immune system. Promote your business while promoting exercise with items such as a yoga mat, pedometer watch or water bottle. Encourage stress reduction with items like stress balls or an adult coloring book. Or, promote a healthy diet with swag items such as a cutting board or a utensil set.

ppe face mask

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