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Warm Up Your Brand with Comfy Cozy Gifts
& Winter Swag Items

published: October 22, 2021  |  updated: December 17, 2021
Warm Up Your Brand with Comfy Cozy Gifts & Winter Swag Items

When the holidays are over and the days are still dark and cold, it can be tempting to hibernate. But this is the time when your employees, customers and prospects need a pick me up the very most! Take advantage of winter to lift employee spirits, strengthen client relationships and find new business with practical cold weather promotional items and comfy cozy corporate gifts.

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Cold Weather Swag for a Winter Wonderland

When you want to grow your business in winter (and when don’t you want to grow your business?) the best promotional items are the ones that will help recipients weather the season. Give your recipients everything they need to get out and enjoy the ice and snow.

Promotional Ice Scrapers

Branded ice scrapers make ideal winter giveaways because they are life savers when people really them, and that’s how you want your customers to see you! Here are a few handy tools ready to be customized with your logo:

Custom Outerwear – Jackets & Vests

Winter is a great opportunity to treat your employees to top name brand apparel, because when temperatures plummet and the wind cuts like a knife, that’s when quality and performance matter the most! Check out these can’t miss embroidered jackets, custom fleeces, and vests:

Custom Beanies & Winter Knit Hats

From sports stadiums to city streets, knit caps are welcome winter promotional gifts for students, alumni, customers, and staff. Here are a few perfect pom pom topped winter promo items.

Imprinted Gloves & Mittens

From timeless style and comfort to up to the minute tech, logo gloves and mittens are essential winter promotional gifts. Our touch screen gloves allow wearers to easily use their mobile phones while keeping their hands warm and cozy out in the cold.

Embroidered Scarves

Scarves are stylish swag that stop the snow in subarctic settings. So? Slap your slogan on some swank sweater season souvenirs:

Promotional Farmers’ Almanacs

Not only is the Farmers’ Almanac a great snow day read, but it also helps recipients prepare for winter and every other season with weather predictions, gardening advice and practical tips for living. Bonus for you, this branded edition is both budget friendly and easy to mail.

Winter Apparel Gift Sets

What’s better than one cozy gift? Two or three cozy gifts! Double and triple down on warm comfort with these logo imprinted winter accessories gift sets:

Warm & Cozy Home Gifts

When your staff, clients and business partners are done braving the frosty weather, they’ll need to recharge inside at home. It should be no surprise that the coldest nations really understand just how important that is. “Hygge” is a Norwegian term that sums it up, defined by the Oxford dictionary as “the quality of being warm and comfortable that gives a feeling of happiness.” Here are some of our most inspired hygge gifts to keep your associates warm, cozy, and happy at home.

Custom Printed Mugs

Whether they hold coffee, cocoa, or tea, luxury mugs bring warms feelings inside and out. Mugs like these are perennially awesome cozy gift ideas:

Branded Insulated Tumblers

Keep coffee hot and wine cold with insulated drink tumblers.
Don’t mind if we do.

Embroidered Throw Blankets

Custom blankets were among the very most popular corporate gifts during the winter of 2020. And no wonder! While people are stuck at home during cold weather, there is nothing more comforting than wrapping up in a cozy throw blanket. With all the luxurious textures there are to choose from, from chenille to fleece to mink to Sherpa, this trend isn’t going anywhere. Plus, remote workers can avoid turning up the thermostat (and the heating bill with it) when they throw one of these comfy gifts around their shoulders.

Customized Gift Candles

Between soft, natural, flickering light and wonderful subtle scents, candles instantly transform the atmosphere of a room in a way that makes you want to dwell. Illuminate your brand with these charming hygge inspired gifts.

Personalized Socks & Slippers

Perfectly business-like toes immediately turn into “tootsies” when tucked into comfy, cozy sock gifts and luxurious slippers like these. The Get Cozy Gift Set below makes a perfect hygge gift box, combining a scented candle, knit beanie cap and printed socks.

Corporate Gift Desk Plants & Indoor Herb Gardens

When the view from the window is nothing but ice and snow, its healthy for the senses and spirit to be surrounded by greenery indoors. Choose from these thoughtful and interactive winter corporate gifts:

Sweets Treats & Snacks

Winter is the ultimate time for comfort food, full stop. The Mrs. Fields gift set pictured includes her classic chocolate chip cookies, an ample ceramic mug and a hot chocolate bomb. What is a hot chocolate bomb, you ask? It’s a milk chocolate sphere filled with hot cocoa mix and mini marshmallows. Does it get any comfier, cozier or “hyggier” than that? We don’t think so. Is “hyggier” even a word? Absolutely not. Regardless, here are some of the warmest and toastiest cozy gift boxes we offer:

Imprinted Loungewear

Help your recipients stay warm during their downtime with comfy cozy athleisure and loungewear apparel items. This list is just crying out for a couch, popcorn, and a movie to go with it:

Winter Wellness Gifts

Even though cold breezes are invigorating, and a fresh blanket of snow is a marvel to behold, winter can do a number on mental and physical health. Look after your team with branded therapeutic health and wellness gifts. Here are some winter corporate gift ideas to keep your business partners and associates in tip top shape:

Branded Tea Sets

From headaches to sniffles to high stress days, hot and aromatic tea eases a sea of ills. Drink in our top tea gift choices:

Logo Imprinted Yoga & Fitness Gifts

Help your staff take a proactive stance on feeling good in freezing temps. These winter employee gift items enable exercise and fitness indoors or outdoors.

Personalized Stress Relief Gift Ideas

Even the toughest executives need a little meditative downtime. Choose gifts that encourage your business associates to relax and recharge.

Customized Health and Wellness Gift Sets

When you can combine health and wellness with luxury, it’s a win-win. Get your team glowing with these winter wellness corporate gift sets.